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Student Support

Village High School offers a variety of counseling activities that support student success. We provide assistance with the development of an individual academic plan, frequent credit checks, college admissions counseling, career preparation and post-secondary planning, and student portfolio maintenance. Village High School offers a variety of counseling activities including academic, personal, and crisis counseling. Individual counseling is available as well as various support groups which include topics such as stress management and healthy relationships provided by the Hume Center. The counselor also meets with each student individually to develop an academic plan for credit recovery, career preparation, and community college admissions counseling.

The counselor offers resources to parents and students in areas such as long-term therapy, parent groups, and treatment facilities. Parents can make an appointment with the counselor by email at or by calling (925) 426-4260. Students can drop by anytime to see if the counselor is available or a student can fill out a "counselor request form" and the counselor will schedule an appointment.